Yabon is a Duchy in the north of the Kingdom.

Its vassal states are LaMut (Earldom), Loriél (Barony), Tyr-Sog (Barony), Zūn (Barony), Hawk's Hollow (Barony).

Yabon's two most known cavalry units are the Light Horse and the Heavy Lancers. Yabon is the home of Owyn Beleforte's relatives and the Crossroads armory shop.


Once it had been under Keshian control, part of the fallen Keshian province of Bosania. During the Keshian civil war, Yabon asked for annexation as the only alternative to being overrun by Moredhels, Goblins, Trolls, but Natal and the Free Cities declared themselves the Kingdom of Bosania. Most of Yabon was conquered by Duke Borric's grandfather.

Yabon is frequently beset by raiding forces of The Dark Brothers and goblins. Most raised in this region have, of necessity, a greater knowledge of enemies of the North.

Roald, the mercenary, served for many years in the Yabonese Free Levies defending the northern borders of the Kingdom.

It was to Yabon that the survivors of Armengar settled following that ancient city's destruction by the forces of the false Murmandamus. The mountains north of Yabon, the Yabon Hills, are home to the Hadati Hillmen.

During the Serpentwar, Fadahawas forces stormed Yabon. They took Zūn, Hawks Hollow and Tyr-Sog. They overrun LaMut but were stopped before Yabon.

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