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Xomich was a Tsurani soldier of Honshoni. He grew in a land ruled by great armies of a warrior race. He was part of a honor guard for the Great One Fanatha. During a storm in a Kelewan sea, Fanatha created a rift to transport them safely to Midkemia, however the ship was driven on Sailor's Grief.

When Pug and Tomas went to investigate the shipwreck, they found Xomich at first unconscious, but later, they found hims standing, trying to communicate with them; when Arutha and Lyam arrived on horse, Xomich believed they were Thun and attempted to run, before falling down unconscious.

He was taken to Castle Crydee and cared by Father Tully's acolytes. Tully attempted a mind contact with him, and found out that he came from a different world, but then Xomich died.