Xacatecas is one of the Five Great Families of Tsuranuanni, hailing from the Xacala Clan. They wore colours of yellow and purple.


During the Riftwar, their Ruling Lord was Lord Chipino. They are the only major family, beside the Shinzawai, not in alliance with the Warlord Almecho, the Minwanabi or the Anasati. [1]

Alliance with the AcomaEdit

They had little love for the Minwanabi. After Lord Jingu's death, Chipino's First Adviser suggested an alliance with the Acoma, to which everyone else objected, since it would mean a virtual declaration of war against the Minwanabi. [2]

The Xacatecas were reluctant to expand Almecho's interests in the conquest of Midkemia. After some political byplay, Lord Chipino wound up with the military responsibility for Dustari, commanding the garrison that held the only noteworthy pass through the mountains to Tsubar. [3]

Tasaio made plans for Minwanabi's revenge against Mara of the Acoma by using her need for an alliance with the Xacatecas. She was made to aid the Xacatecas and stayed with them for more than three months, harassed by desert raiders. However, the raids were thwarted by the Xacatecas and Acoma. They established a free trading post with the desert people and in exchange, they will give the sword of Tasaio. [4]

The closing of the Rift left the Xacatecas weakened, with both Lord and his heir killed. Hoppara, the next-in-line, with the instructions from his mother, made an informal alliance with Mara, to recover some of the prestige they gained during the time of Chipino. [5]

Later, Emperor Ichindar made Hoppara second-in-command to the Imperial Overlord. [6]

Known MembersEdit


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