Wiallo was once a Grey warrior who foraged in hills west of Jamar. He was recruited for the force of the Acoma.

He was part of a guard band protecting a wagon with Cho-ja silk headed for Jamar; Keyoke had sent him as a trailbreaker. While scouting before evening, he noticed that mulaks and kojir birds were not flying above a lake while sanaro, li and other songbirds were quiet.

Seeing these strange signs, he returned to the caravan and warned Keyoke. As Keyoke and Dakhati pondered about an ambush and a rear force coming to block them, a scout came bringing news that a company of more than 100 soldiers is approaching, recognized by Corjazun as Minwanabi.

Wiallo told them about a narrow canyon that bandits used as a camp where the silk could be hidden, defendable by few men.

Keyoke decided to hide the silk there, and also warn Mara, the Acoma Ruling Lady. They unhitched the wagons forming a protective wall and left 20 archers behind as the rest progressed to the cache.

By moonrise Wiallo showed them the canyon; Keyoke felt that the Minwanabi were near and told Wiallo to hide in a slight overhang, and should the Minwanabi pass, Wiallo should run and bring the message to Mara.

However Wiallo was caught, hanged and his head was hurled to Keyoke's camp after the Minwanabi's withdrew. Keyoke realized that the canyon was sealed, and no one could leave and warn Mara of the spy unnoticed in her house.

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