Wiñet was a continent of Midkemia, to the far west of Triagia and Novindus.

The continent has a thin landmass surrounded by islands and gulfs. The biggest landmass is the Flat of Midart with the capital of Meth. The dominant sea is the Inner Sea which hosts the Eternal Mist between the island complex of Dragon's Tail and Dragon's Teeth. There is also the Duathian Sea and the Gulf of Zeineron.

The shape of the continent was much changed after the Fifth Riftwar.

History Edit

Sometime ages ago, part of the continent rose up some 600 feet creating an isolated plateau. The lower portion of the continent was settled by refugees from Triagia, during the purging of the Ishapian Temple of the Heretics of Al-maral. The upper portion (TheEthel-Duath) was populated by the Saaur lizard-men, a race of nomadic warriors also created by Alma-Lodaka but who were left on the world of Shila, rather than Midkemia, and who were brought to serve the Emerald Queen during the Serpentwar. After the war was concluded, they were relocated by the magician Pug, who sought to remove them from the Kingdom without fighting.

Behind the scenesEdit

Wiñet is a creation of Richard Spahl, member of the "Friday Nighters".

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