The Western Realm was the name given to the portion of the Kingdom of the Isles west of Malac's Cross. It was expanded when Nicholas conDoin brought the army westward to the province of Bosania.

The capital of the Western Realm was Krondor, and authority was vested in the Prince of Krondor. The military force of the Western Realm is the Armies of the West, under the Prince who is the Lord-Marshall.

Culturally and historically, the Western Realm is somehow a separate entity of the Eastern Realm, the Kingdom proper.

During the Chaoswar, the Western Realm was taken over by Keshian Dog Soldiers

Locations Edit

All locations west of Malac's Cross were considered settlements of the Western realm.

Among the major Kingdom settlements included:

There were also partially claimed or independant locations in the area covering the Western Realm. These included:

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