Prior to the end of the Riftwar, Vandros der LaMut was the Earl of LaMut.


Described as level-headed and capable, Vandros served as an officer in Duke Brucal's army as well as an officer in his father's court in LaMut. He was the Captain of Cavalry, leading a unit known as the Light Horse. At the start of the war, he lead his army in an attempt to distract the Tsurani so that Kulgan, Meecham, and Pug could sneak into the valley the Tsurani were protecting and ascertain why they were protecting it.

Two years into the riftwar, he became the Earl of LaMut, presumably upon the death of his father. As the war rolled on, Vandros's increasing costs resulted in a rise in taxes and fewer available soldiers. Six years into the war, Vandros was forced to hire mercenaries to help cover the levies to the Duke of Yabon.

He was a distant cousin of Terrance, his grandfather's great-nephew, who served in the Duke's Messanger Corps. He was also distantly related to Baron Summerville through Terrance. Duke Brucal wished Vandros to marry his daughter Felinah. He took her hand in marriage after the war.

Vandros sat in a position of honor at the end of the war, seated alongside Prince Lyam and several other distinguished Kingsmen during the meeting of Lyam and Emperor Ichindar.

At the coronation of King Lyam, he was made Duke of Yabon as Duke Brucal announced that he was retiring.


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