Vale of Dreams is the region extending southwest from the southern border of the Shamata River, the Sea of Dreams, the River Dalwin (Star River), and the Great Star Lake down to the northeastern border of the Jal-Pur Desert.


Great Kesh and the Kingdom have contested for years over the rich farmlands surrounding the Sea of Dreams.  The two nations were always fighting over the area which has good farm land and rich trade routes. However, the endless conflict prevented people from maximizing the resources in the area. Crops often did not get planted and most were reluctant to drive caravans through the Vale of Dreams because of the frequent border raiders, causing citizens to be not surprised at mercenary bands passing through.

Because of this, Kesh sent its ambassador, Lord Abdur Rachman Memo Kazara-Khan, to negotiate with Prince Arutha regarding this territory.

At the time of the Serpentwar, the Vale of Dreams had been in Kingdom hands for almost a hundred years, but continued to be an area of dispute between the Kingdom and Great Kesh.

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