Hi my name is Michael Smith, I am one of the administrator's of the Midkemia Wiki.

Please feel free to help out on my To Do List or on the Wanted pages list these are the pages that most badly need to be created. Once we have these down we can work on expanding pages and branching out into differing catergories, however don't let this discourage you from doing these things anyway.

Please feel free to leave me a message on my Talk Page if you have any queries about this Wiki.

About MeEdit

Hi my name is Michael Smith (Username: Smidy), I am a eighteen year old guy from Wellington, NZ. I first joined Wikia in July 2008 after finding the Midkemia Wiki in a state of disrepair, not wanting to see a wiki for my favourite series of books die I requested adminship for the wiki and have been working hard on it ever since.

I also visit Wikia quite recently to look up information from Wiki's such as WoW Wiki and Halopedia, as you can probably tell from this I am a huge gamer and use both these wikis as sources of information on Game Lore which I love to learn about.

I have a basic knowledge of CSS, HTML and PHP which is self taught so I can make some templates and user page components. I also have a basic knowledge in Image Editing and image creation, to see some examples of what I have made please see below if you want my help with anything please feel free to contact me through the above links.

Art CreatedEdit

Below is a gallery of all the art I have created for use on this wiki.

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