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Father Tully was a priest of Astalon the Builder and one of Duke Borric's oldest aides of Crydee. He had been adviser to his father. Once, he had visited the Ishapian library at their temple in Krondor.

Tully seemingly always appeared old and by the time of the Riftwar he appeared ancient, although his eyes were described as clear grey and pointed, with no sign of senility, matching his youthful with and tongue. His tongue was harsh when scolding boys, worse than Horsemaster Algon's leather strap.


He tutored Lyam and Arutha when they were little, and he was friends with Kulgan. He also attempted to help with the studies of Kulgan's apprentice, Pug. As with Kulgan, he was troubled with Pug's spellcasting problems despite his abilities, and proposed him to consider the lost art of the Ishapians.

Sometime during Pug's apprenticeship, a strange man was brought unconscious to the Castle. His acolytes tended him and Tully proposed to send word to the Temple of Ishap at Krondor and request for any knowledge about this people. He then cast a dangerous mind contact with him in order to learn his origins, and then he experienced views from Kelewan. Then however, the soldier died, risking Tully's life.

When recovering his strength, he narrated that the man was not from this world. After that, he tended Kulgan who fell unconscious while reading Fanatha's letter.

Tully stayed in Crydee as Borric left for Krondor. He had gained some experience with the Tsurani language and during the Siege of Crydee he helped communicate with Tsurani prisoners.

He suggested to Arutha to look for information about the Silverthorn from the library of an Ishapian abbey in Sarth.

He led the crowning of Lyam as King of the Isles with the priests of Ishap and officiated the wedding of Arutha to Anita, Carline to Laurie and Lyam to Magda.