Tulan is a barony and the southernmost town in the Duchy of Crydee built near the mouth of Wyndermeer.

It is an important trading center between Jonril and the rest of the Kingdom.


During the time of the Riftwar it was ruled by Baron Tolburt.

As of the third year of the Riftwar, it had remained untouched by both the Tsurani and the moredhel of the Green Heart; with Carse, they sent reinforcements to lift the Siege of Crydee. They also received refugees fleeing from Crydee, together with Carse.

Carse, Crydee and Tulan were besieged by the emissaries of the Pantathians. This attack led to the travels of Calis and his soldiers to Novindus where they fought to disarm a plot to invade the Kingdom.

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