Tukamaco was the 40th Emperor of the Tsuranuanni, descendant of Sudkahanchoza.

Sudkahanchoza begged the Assembly to return Kelewan to its proper place. During Tukamaco's time, the magicians from their City incant a spell which reverberates the earth and returns the stars.

Tukamaco sent a command that the full Assembly meet him in the Holy City and the inner chamber of the Holy Palace, something unheard of in the history of the Empire. He asked the Assembly to accept the charge to protect the Empire until the end of time.

As the magicians concurred, Tukamaco left his throne and knelt before the magicians, something never done before, and proclaimed that the magicians will be free from all obligations, outside the law, and none would command them, but their word would be as law, and be called Great Ones.

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