Trolls are wild, humanlike creatures in the world of Midkemia.

Types of TrollsEdit

There are two types of trolls: Mountain trolls and Lowland trolls.

Lowland trollsEdit

Lowland trolls are described as short and broad, their bodies are covered by thick grey hide, and possessing long canine fangs, making them fearsome in appearance. They have thick arms that hung nearly to the ground and long foreclaws. They ran on all fours as often as not, looking like some comic parody of an ape.

In truth, they are little more than beasts, without language or the ability to use tools and weapons. However, they are more dangerous than any lion or bear, for they are more cunning, and they hunt in groups of two or more.

Mountain trollsEdit

Mountain trolls were roughly human in appearance, but shorter in stature, with almost no necks. Their heads thrust forward from their shoulders, so they always looked as if they were shrugging. They were intelligent, if stupid by human standards, and knew how to use weapons very well. Their language sounded like grunts and squawks to humans, but they had a social organization and knew how to fight.

These trolls are usually in service of the moredhels. They were not significantly better fighters than goblins or moredhel, but they were a great deal more difficult to kill.

Notable TrollsEdit


In the novel Magician, two trolls attacked Princess Carline and Pug when the two are on a picnic. Pug successfully defended against these creatures by drawing his first spell accidentally.

In the novel A Darkness at Sethanon, a troll was found in Sorcerer's Isle, prompting Tomas to strike him, only to be stopped by Pug. They were told by the Isle's caretaker, Gathis, that Macros employed many servants, judging each upon its own merits.

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