Prior to the Reign of Rodric IVEdit

Chaos Wars[1]
Dannis becomes first conDoin King of Rillanon.
Birth of Dolgan Tagarson.
Birth of Macros the Black.
Persecution of Magicians. Macros the Black retreats to Villa Beata.
Birth of Nakor.
Siege of Carse; Harthorn and Dolgan raise the Moredhel siege at Carse.
Death of Dorcas.
Birth of Martin Longbow.
Birth of Teani on Kelewan.
Death of Elven King Aidan; his son Calin becomes Warleader of Elvandar.
Birth of Lyam I.
An alien man, perhaps a Tsurani, appears mysteriously in Salador.
Birth of Arutha conDoin.
Teani is thrown from the Reed Life.
Birth of Buntokapi of the Anasati.
Birth of Pug.
Birth of Mara of the Acoma.
Martin Longbow's Choosing; he becomes Duke's Huntmaster.
Birth of Carline conDoin.
Rodric III dies. His son Rodric IV becomes King.

Reign of Rodric IV (b714 - d751)Edit

729 - 1st year of the reign of King Rodric IV
Teani is bought by a man
Teani kills her tormentor
The Moredhel stir up the goblins
Death of Catherine conDoin
Birth of Terrance
King Rodric IV madness begins.
Prince Erland visits Crydee
Kulgan predicts a drought, yet a bad flood comes instead
Birth of Anita conDoin
A great storm hits Crydee; a Quegan trading fleet bound for Crydee hits onto the rocks of Sailor's Grief
Teani starts working for Tecuma of the Anasati
Squire Roland arrives at Crydee to be educated at court.
Martin chooses Garret as a tracker under him during the Choosing
Pug meets Kulgan
A delegation of nobles is executed by the King
Lady Glynis becomes Carline's companion
Birth of Ashurmannus
Pug and Tomas' Choosing
Pug becomes a squire as a reward for saving Carline conDoin's life
(autumn; 3 weeks later) a Tsurani warship is wrecked at the Sailor's Grief. Xomich is the only survivor and is interrogated by magical means, and it is discovered that the ship was from another world dominated by a warrior empire, Tsuranuanni. Word is sent to Aglaranna, who visits Crydee and informs the Duke that parties of Tsurani warriors had been spotted in the forests around Elvandar. Fearing an invasion, Duke Borric conDoin rides for Krondor to inform Erland, the Prince of Krondor and Knight-Marshall of the Armies of the West.
Along the journey, Tomas Megarson is lost within the Mac Mordain Cadal. He finds Rhuagh, and along with Dolgan sits the dragon's deathwatch. The dragon rewards Tomas with the armor of Ashen-Shugar, and Dolgan with the lost Hammer of Tholin, the symbol of the dwarf-kings of the west.
Duke Borric and his party arrive in Krondor only to be told that they must travel on to Rillanon to gain King Rodric's permission to raise the Armies of the West. They travel on to Rillanon to discover that Rodric is quite mad. In Spring, while awaiting his decision, the Tsurani launch their offensive, attacking the Free Cities near Walinor, the elven forests, Stone Mountain and Crydee, and capturing a bridgehead around the rift that connects Midkemia to Kelewan. King Rodric gives command of the Armies of the West to Duke Borric and sends him to Yabon to assist Duke Brucal.
During an early raid to discover the rift, Pug of Crydee is captured by the Tsurani. Tomas visits Elvandar
14/2 RW
Mara leaves for the Order of Lashima
15/3 RW
Mara returns to her House and becomes Ruling Lady (start of Daughter of the Empire)
she marries Buntokapi.
Birth of Ayaki around the spring
16/4 RW
The riftwar continues on four fronts: elves and dwarves in the north, Borric and Brucal in the east, Crydee in the west and moredhel and goblins in the south. The Tsurani build enclaves outside the valley with the rift machine from which they raid enemy positions and expand their areas. During an assault on Crydee using a captured ship (before spring), the town of Crydee is burned to the ground and the castle at Crydee is besieged.
17/5 RW
Crydee is attacked. The Tsurani launch a major offensive lasting for two weeks without victory.
During the Kelewan summer, Blue Wheel withdraws from the war. The warriors of the Shinzawai quit the siege of Crydee.
Start of Servant of the Empire)
Pug and Laurie are removed from the slave camp where Pug had been labouring for four years and is taken to the Shinzawai estates in Jamar to prepare Kasumi, son of the Ruling Lord of the Shinzawai, for a special mission.
Keyoke loses his leg after a raid by the Minwanabi
A visiting Fumita, a Great One, notices Pug's magical training, and removes him from the Shinzawai estate to be trained by the Assembly.
18/6 RW
The Assembly assists the Alliance for War, sending Great Ones to aid in an offensive against Elvandar. The elves and dwarves, under the command of Tomas, emerge victorious with the aid of Macros the Black. Queen Aglaranna takes Tomas as her lover.
Trevor Hull's ship was destroyed by Keshian cutters and survivors reach Durbin.
19/7 RW
Events of The Messenger
(winter) Charles McEvoy marries Clarise
20/8 RW
Great Ones start to invade Elvandar.
Death of Jack Macklin
Hull's new ship arrives in Krondor and begins smuggling goods
Start of Murder in LaMut (novel)
21/9 RW
The Tsurani slowly expand to the east, in an attempt to reach the coast. In Elvandar, Tomas grows more and more elf-like as he draws power from Ashen-Shugar's armour.
On Kelewan, Pug completes his training and becomes a Great One, Milamber.
22/10 RW
Start of Honored Enemy
The Blue Wheel Party rejoins the Alliance for War, sending fresh troops to Midkemia to launch a major offensive. A captured slave informs the Midkemians of this, and Prince Arutha is dispatched to Krondor to seek additional aid from Prince Erland. He arrrives to discover that Guy du Bas-Tyra has seized control. With the aid of the Mockers, he and Princess Anita conDoin escape to Crydee.
In Elvandar, with the assistance of Macros and the Spellweavers, Tomas Megarsson brings the human and Valheru within him into balance. He marries Aglaranna, becoming Prince-Consort of Elvandar.
The Empire of Kesh invades the Vale of Dreams, only to be swiftly defeated by Guy du Bas-Tyra.
On Kelewan, Milamber destroys an arena, shaming Warlord Almecho and causing him to commit suicide. Milamber is stripped of his title of Great One and declared outlaw in Tsuranuanni. Meanwhile, Kasumi of the Shinzawai departs Kelewan with an offer of peace from the Emperor for King Rodric who believes him a spy, and brings the Armies of the East to crush the Tsurani. He is killed in the fighting, naming Borric's son, Prince Lyam conDoin, as heir.
Lyam accepts the Emperor's offer of peace, and the Emperor Ichindar comes through the rift to sign the treaty. Macros the Black uses his magic to fool the various armies into thinking they are being attacked, and the Emperor retreats through the rift. Pug and Macros destroy the rift.
Lyam is crowned King of the Isles. Arutha becomes Prince of Krondor, and Martin is made Duke of Crydee. Kasumi, trapped by the closure of the rift, is made Earl of LaMut where he and his warriors settle. Guy du Bas-Tyra is banished from the Kingdom. Pug is granted charter for the isle of Stardock to found his academy there.

Reign of Lyam (b721 - d799)Edit

751/1st year of reign of King Lyam I
Murmandamus appears for the first time. In the Kingdom, bands of goblins and moredhel are seen migrating northwards.
Wedding of Arutha and Anita. During the wedding, an attempt is made on Prince Arutha's life by the Nighthawks, and Anita is poisoned with a toxin made from the Silverthorn. Prince Arutha and companions travel north to find a cure.
Murad, Grand Chieftain of the Raven Clan and Murmandamus' warchief, is slain by Baru of Hadati.
Pug travels to Kelewan and discovers Elvardein and the last of the Eldar.
Prince Borric and Prince Erland are born to Arutha and Anita.
Another attempt is made on Arutha's life by Nighthawks working for Murmandamus. The attempt is foiled, but a state funeral occurs to fool Murmandamus into thinking Arutha is dead. Arutha and companions travel north to defeat Murmandamus. They find Guy du Bas-Tyra has become leader of Armengar, a city-state under threat from the moredhel. Murmandamus marches on Armengar, and destroys it after a long, bloody siege.
He then marches south, sacking Highcastle before reaching Sethanon. Battle of Sethanon. Murmandamus disappears in the citadel, and his armies retreat under threat of Tsurani from LaMut, magicians from the Academy of Stardock, and further troops from the Armies of the West.
A copy of Kalem's Dialectic is written for Brother Faushane.
The Upright Man dies. The Virtuous Man replaces him as leader of the Mockers.
The rogue Tsurani Great One Makala engineers the second Morehdel Uprising to access the Lifestone. The Morehdel chieftain Delekhan invades the Kingdom via a Rift machine, but is defeated.
Prince Nicholas is born to Arutha conDoin and Anita of Krondor.
Death of Prince Randolph, only child of King Lyam.
Princes Borric and Erland, now heirs to their uncle Lyam, attend the birthday of the Empress of Kesh.
Prince Nicholas of Krondor visits his uncle Martin in Crydee, and is embroiled in a plot that leads to the lost continent of Novindus.
King Lyam dies and is succeeded by his nephew Borric.

Reign of Borric II (b753 - d812)Edit

Death of Arutha conDoin, Prince of Krondor.
The Serpentwar
Death of Nicholas conDoin. Attack and destruction of Krondor during the Serpentwar.
Death of Martin conDoin (Longbow)
Death of King Borric. He is succeeded by his son Patrick.

Reign of Patrick (b782/786 - d854)Edit



Reign of Ryan (b837 - ND)Edit


Events of the Conclave of Shadows

Reign of Gregory Edit

Reign of Henry Edit

0 - Pug's Death

13 - Magicians End - Epilogue: Phillip the reincarnation of Pug is found by Magnus who is a year away from the Choosing. Crydee is managed by a castellan in the name of King Henry.

Unknown Future Edit

c. 500 RW
Present Day of Midkemia Press role-playing game materials


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