Tiger Men are a race of human-like tigers.

Physical AppearanceEdit

They looked to be tigers, but their bodies had been altered into man shapes. Their heads were orange with black stripes, as were their arms and legs. They normally attire themselves with a cuirass of blue metal and breeches ending at mid-thigh, of some blue-black material. They also carry a short sword and a belt knife.

They speak in a low, growling, guttural sounds to each other; although they can converse in the common language.


They are the creatures of the Valheru Draken-Korin, the Lord of the Tigers. He gave them their present form to serve as guards of his palace.

After the demise of the Valheru during the Chaos Wars, Ashen-Shugar, the remaining Valheru, freed all the creatures of Midkemia, including the Tiger Men. As such, they fear him and gave respect.

The Tiger Men lived in a small city, simply called the City of the Tigers somewhere close to the Ratn'gary Mountains in southern Novindus. No man had seen this place, for the tiger-men killed any invaders. Here they war against any who trespasses in their territories: be it man, dwarves, goblins and Pantathians.

Dragons had long been hated by the tigers, as they raided the herds raised by the tiger-men.

Pug and Tomas encountered them when they are seeking for the Halls of the Dead, in the City of the Dead Gods. They fear Tomas will enslave them again but Tomas reassure that it is all in the past. Rather, he asked one to be their guide in their search.

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