The Thuril are a human people of nomadic clans who live in the highlands on Kelewan in the east. They are a proud race whom the Tsurani have never been able to conquer.

Pug's first wife Katala was a Thuril woman who was a slave. Pug freed her from slavery when he returned from the Assembly after completing his training as a Great One.


They are nomads who, unlike Tsurani with their strict customs, do not consider it shameful to hide their emotions; they like nothing better than to insult each other in style.

They are led by Clan leaders and the Kaliane, who meet once a year in secret to discuss various things in relation to their nation.


The Thuril are descended from the humans who came to Kelewan to escape from the Chaos Wars. As the Tsuranuanni Empire was formed and expanded, the Thuril did not join and formed an independent Confederacy.

There was a war with the Tsurani which ended years before the Riftwar. It had caused a loss of prestige for the Warlord Almecho and his War Party.

After the Riftwar, a century of peace took place, which led them to becoming more settled. During the Darkwar when Kelewan had to be abandoned lest it be over taken by the Dasati and their God His Darkness,  the Thuril fared better than the Tsurani. Owing to their nomadic lifestyle, most of their people where able to make it safely to the New World.

Notable ThurilEdit

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