Thūn, known to themselves as Lasura, are centaur-like creatures of Kelewan.


Their upper body is human [In silverthorn they are described as being as having the upper appearance of a humanoid lizard, clarification?] while the lower looks like a deer or an elk, although more muscular. Their faces are of an ape with a long snout. Their bodies are covered with medium length of hair. The Thūn are shown to be capable of speaking Tsurani, as one talks to Pug when he journeys north.


The Cho-ja Queen said that before the coming of Humans, the Thūn is one of the many races they need to contest with.

They were driven out of their ranges by the Tsurani, north of the mountains. The Tsurani established forts along the foothills of the mountains at every pass. Since then, occasionally they seek to return to the warmer lands of the south.

Even generations before they became sentient, they dwelt in bands and raced over the plains, fighting among themselves with rocks and sticks, fists and fang motivated by a nameless urge. They fought so that one or another from their band drive off the others and sire the next generation of young.

Every year, the male Thūn perform summer rites of combat. Those who fail are banished from the herd by the stronger ones and are left without mates. As a redemption, those come south in Blood Raids, killing at least one Tsurani in order to return bearing a head of their victim to be allowed. Those who escape are hunted down, for they will not cross back to their home range.


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