Tecuma was the Lord of the Anasati.

He was the central figure in the Imperial Party, a position of high prestige because it was limited to blood relations of the Emperor.


During his rule, he had forged alliances with more than half the powerful Lords in the Tsuranuanni Empire.

His heir was Halesko and his second son was Jiro, and slouched Buntokapi.

With Sezu of the Acoma he had a political struggle which was resolved when he perished on Midkemia.

His surprise was great when Mara his daughter came to ask Bunto for marriage. His First Adviser Chumaka told him to be careful but considering the common hatred towards the Minwanabi, and that his most-neglected son would unexpectedly become a Ruling Lord, he accepted.

When he was notified about the birth of his grandson, Ayaki, along with Chumaka and a company of soldiers, he visited the Acoma estate in the companionship of his old friend, Warlord Almecho. Mara hosted them but his son was nowhere to be found, staying instead in his quarters in Sulan-Qu. Since tradition required that the baby should be presented by its father, both the Warlord and Tecuma were unnerved of the wait and required someone to bring him.

Mara during dinnertime, supported by Nacoya as a witness, narrated the insulting words Bunto had said about any visitor who should disturb him, even if he would be his father or the Warlord himself.

Enraged, the Warlord threatened the Acoma family and left, followed by Tecuma and Chumaka. They took their soldiers and went to Sulan-Qu where they confronted Bunto, who was presumably drunk. This event forced Buntokapi to take his life as compensation.

Tecuma was seen again in the estate claiming the protection of Ayaki, but Mara sent them off, saying that they have no right with him. Tecuma then promised that Mara will be safe as long as Ayaki is same

When Mara was absent at the Minwanabi estate for Almecho's birthday celebrations, Tecuma could not follow. An attack on his richest trade caravan of 200 warriors left its defenders dead to a man. It was thought that it was orchestrated by the Minwanabi.

Tecuma thought that because of Teani's presence, Mara would not survive the stay there and Ayaki should soon be in danger. He sent a third of his retinue as honor guard to Acoma lands. Seeing this, Keyoke mustered the garrison and went to challenge the trespassers. Tecuma demanded to him to see his grandson but Keyoke declined and Tecuma decided to stay and see who arrived first, Mara or Jingu's army in order to protect Ayaki.

The next day Mara arrived and saw the commotion around her estate, she notified Tecuma that their mutual enemy was now dead by his own hand.

Tecuma died of natural causes. Servant of the Empire (novel) ch. 20.

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