Lord Techachi of the Ekamchi was a Tsurani, ally with the Inrodaka. Techachi was a fat man, with no personal history of warcraft and little courage.

During the Riftwar, the hive Kait'lk spawned a cho-ja queen. Lord Inrodaka promised to Techachi exclusive rights to negotiate with the queen. However his promise was broken because Mara of the Acoma learned the secret of the queen birth and she managed to negotiate with her.

200 soldiers, half Inrodaka and Ekamchi went to confront her at her exit from the hive, but Lax'l prevented a fight.

Later that year Techachi was present at the Minwanabi estate in honor of Almecho's birthday, where he met Mara once more. On the second evening, as Mara retreated to her guestroom, he appeared on the doorway for one last jab at her expense. Before Mara could speak or the other guests become aware of the situation, Papewaio grasped him by the shoulders and moved him forcibly through the doorway, out of view of the diners.

The night following Pape's funeral, Techachi was part of the commotion of guests who came to Mara's room and saw Shimizu unconscious. When Mara claimed that Shimizu attacked her enraged for Teani's death, Techachi noted that he would testify the next day and swear that the Acoma said lies.

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