Tchakchakalla was a Tsurani of the Hunzan Clan, the son of a Force Leader. His great-grandfather was Warchief of his Clan. He had green eyes despite being swarthy, and short by Kingdom standards.


He participated in the early Riftwar as a Strike Leader of the Wedewayo but his men broke and his house lost honor. The Warlord prohibited him to take his own life so he became a slave to expiate his shame.

While assigned to work at the enclaves near the Clearbrook branch of the river, his camp was assaulted by elves and dwarves. He and two other slaves wandered for some days until Martin Longbow captured them and brought them to the castle. Tully communicated with him, learning Tchakachakalla's story. He swore no allegiance to the Tsuranuanni and wanted to be a warrior in Arutha's household. Arutha accepted him in Crydee and gave him the name Charles.

During the Siege of Crydee Charles helped defend the castle, and assisted Arutha and Roland in blocking a tunnel through which the invaders attempted to enter the cellar.

He was with Martin and Garret when they surveyed the Tsurani headquarters. He noticed new banners, and deduced that the Tsurani will mount a major offensive in the spring.

When Swordmaster Fannon retired, Martin made him Swordmaster of Crydee.

He is described by Prince Nicholas during his stay in Crydee as 'interesting, but always formal in speech and manner'.

He was killed during the Sacking of the Far Coast, taking a killing wound in his stomach.


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