Talbott Kilrane is the owner of the largest ships' broker in Bordon, his house overlooking the city.

He is described as having a gaunt face, balding head and sharp features and came from a Keshian ancestry.


He was Duke Borric's trading agent in the Free Cities and occasionally brokered deals between the Duke and Lord Paul of White Hill.

In the early days before the Riftwar, he was contacted by Meecham who, after being instructed by Belgan, explained to him that the Duke intended to warn them about the Tsurani invasion.

When Borric and his team came to Bordon, Meecham and Talbott's clerk assured that they were expected. Talbott hosted them in his house and when the Duke explained him the danger of an impending Tsurani invasion, Talbott offered one of his personal vessels, the Storm Queen to transport them to Krondor.

After they left, he summoned a meeting of the Council of Guilds and Merchants and argued for support of the Kingdom.


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