The Stranger was a wandering star in the universe of Kelewan which approached dangerously close to the world.


The Stranger was sighted where none has been seen before, motionless but growing. The magician of the newly formed Assembly who discovered this warned his fellows that in a few decades it would destroy all nations on the world. A messenger was dispatched to the Warlord to whom they later explained the signs in the stars along with ancient writings

The Warlord was skeptical but finally agreed to notify the Emperor, who later demanded to bring proof.

The magicians managed in the following decades to conduct a campaign of propaganda seeking to influence any noble. Perhaps of this propaganda, the Emperor's son Sudkahanchoza killed his father, and proclaimed himself Emperor in the Holy City. He was the first Emperor who established his position that of a spiritual life. When he heard the news from the Assembly, ordered to build the City of Magicians for them.

After 200 years, the world of Kelewan saw two suns in the sky, the Stranger appearing white and small and for over a year would cause the world to have constant daylight, until the composite heat would render it lifeless, save for those that would survive in deep caves.

The spellEdit

The spell has been wrought over the last few years, each step taken with the greatest care, the greatest ever cast in history.

7000 magicians were gathered in the City to thwart the menace, hundreds atop of the towers and others below adding their power to those above for the powerful but also extremely delicate spell.

When the spell was incanted, the world reverberated with the final word louder and louder until those in the towers covered their ears. A blaze of color formed on the sky and the two suns dimmed in momentarily blinding displays that blinded permanently some of the witnesses. A rift in the sky appeared and grew between the Stranger and Kelewan to engulf the star.

But then energies came from the rift and the The Enemy reached forth and warped it changing its course towards Kelewan.

Macros was there, wearing a brown robe and came forth to oppose the Stranger. He raised his staff to the star and incanted. The rift changed and stroke the planet. The heavens exploded and then the planet was engulfed in darkness; when the darkness lifted, the sun, was seen dropping below the horizon.

Kelewan was in the wrong place and the sky was a void without stars and would remain so for the next century. Most of the magicians of the Assembly were either dead or mad.

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