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Spellweaver is the title given to an elven magician. A Spellweaver can be an Eledhel, a Moredhel or an Eldar. There are no Glamredhel Spellweavers.

"Our magic is ancient. It is part of what we are and in what we create. Elven boots can make even a human silent when walking, and elven bows are better able to strike the mark, for that is the nature of our magic. It is vested in ourselves, our forests, our creations. It can sometimes be managed, subtly by those who fully understand it . . . Spellweavers". [1]

- Calin, Prince of Elvandar


The Spellweavers are tasked with recovering relics of the Valheru and destroying them, to prevent the moredhel from using these magical items. Another is the Returning, where a moredhel turns away from the Dark Path, and through the magic of the Spellweavers, 'returned' to an elf.

However, during the Riftwar, Tomas was given the armor of the Valheru Ashen-Shugar and came to Elvandar. His transformation has been a source of anxiety for the elves. Therefore, with the aid of their Spellweavers and from Macros, Tomas surpassed the challenges of his transformation. [2]

They also knew the magic properties of the plant Silverthorn, counseling Prince Arutha of his journey to Moraelin to retrieve the plant. [3]

The Eldar Spellweavers taught Pug that the only real limits of magic were those of the practitioner. [4]

Known Spellweavers[]



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