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08:39, February 7, 2019The ferryman of hell.jpg (file)60 KBLonelyHorse9 
14:26, November 2, 2016Wikia-Visualization-Main,midkemia.png (file)144 KBFandomBot (Uploaded through Curated Content)
16:59, August 2, 2015Book-quote-1-526x394.jpg (file)19 KBMaple Maypole 
13:44, April 7, 2015Sea of dreams.PNG (file)204 KBJustharry 
05:54, March 25, 2015Audio.jpg (file)38 KBLost Valheru 
19:13, March 13, 2015Wiki-background (file)245 KBJustharry 
06:14, September 25, 2013NavonDuSandau.gif (file)6 KBQuentinGeorge (from Betrayal at Krondor)
10:33, September 18, 2013Jannywurts.jpg (file)31 KBQuentinGeorge 
05:53, September 18, 2013Rayfeist.jpg (file)0 BQuentinGeorge 
05:46, September 18, 2013400px-Raymond Elias Feist 20080316 Salon du livre 1.jpg (file)65 KBQuentinGeorge (via wikipedia)
09:04, August 21, 2013Moraeulf.gif (file)6 KBQuentinGeorge (Moraeulf (From Betrayal at Krondor))
09:00, August 21, 2013OracleOfAal.gif (file)15 KBQuentinGeorge (Oracle of Aal (from Betrayal at Krondor))
18:10, August 8, 2013Wikia-Visualization-Main.png (file)144 KBRaylan13 
07:45, July 25, 2013Cullicht.gif (file)6 KBSBAllen 
07:37, July 25, 2013Liallant.gif (file)7 KBSBAllen 
18:37, July 24, 2013Mecover.png (file)391 KBSBAllen 
21:08, June 25, 2013Map of Midkemia.jpg (file)366 KBLcomfort 
11:46, June 5, 2013Tigermen.jpg (file)259 KBSundot14 
07:22, June 5, 2013Bigtroll.jpg (file)330 KBSundot14 
17:31, June 4, 2013Martin longbow.jpg (file)63 KBSundot14 
16:50, June 4, 2013Fantus.jpg (file)91 KBSundot14 
20:07, February 7, 2013Wiki-background.jpeg (file)62 KBJtoloughlin (Added proper logo since this is a copyrighted image from Midkemia Online.)
20:04, February 7, 2013Mkowallpaper.jpg (file)62 KBJtoloughlin 
17:40, December 16, 2012Gardan.jpg (file)40 KBSundot14 
16:35, December 8, 2012Murmandamus riding a daemonsteed.jpg (file)40 KBSundot14 
13:42, December 2, 2012Honored Enemy.jpg (file)52 KBSundot14 
17:31, November 22, 2012Krondor.jpg (file)120 KBSundot14 
04:18, October 23, 2012Prince of the Blood.jpg (file)38 KBSundot14 
03:44, October 23, 2012Magician revised edition.jpg (file)35 KBSundot14 
15:19, October 18, 2012Duke borric.jpg (file)121 KBSundot14 
21:17, September 16, 2011MidkemiaOnlineScreenshot.png (file)495 KBIshap 
08:21, January 18, 2011SiegeOfCrydee.jpg (file)131 KBQuentinGeorge (Siege of Crydee (from Riftwar Comic))
07:41, January 18, 2011AKingdomBesiegedUSCover.jpg (file)101 KBQuentinGeorge (A Kingdom Besieged - US Cover Artist: Steve Stone)
03:20, January 16, 2011Feist covers.jpg (file)80 KBQuentinGeorge (Added two more recent novels)
21:43, January 15, 2011ShardsOfABrokenCrownUKCover.jpg (file)78 KBQuentinGeorge (Shards of a Broken Crown - original UK Cover)
21:42, January 15, 2011RageOfADemonKingUKCover.jpg (file)21 KBQuentinGeorge (Rage of a Demon King - original UK Cover)
11:08, January 15, 2011Sidi.gif (file)21 KBQuentinGeorge (Sidi, from Return to Krondor)
11:05, January 15, 2011Jazhara.gif (file)13 KBQuentinGeorge (Jazhara, from Return to Krondor)
11:01, January 15, 2011WilliamConDoin.gif (file)24 KBQuentinGeorge (William conDoin from Return to Krondor)
10:38, January 15, 2011Lysle.gif (file)6 KBQuentinGeorge (Lysle Rigger (from BaK))
10:32, January 15, 2011Lifestone.gif (file)9 KBQuentinGeorge (The Lifestone, with the sword of Ashen-Shugar - from Betrayal at Krondor)
08:44, January 15, 2011Zaltais.jpg (file)50 KBQuentinGeorge (Zaltais, from the new US Cover of Shards of a Broken Crowd)
08:42, January 15, 2011Jorna.jpg (file)44 KBQuentinGeorge (Jorna, from the new US Cover of Rage of a Demon King)
07:08, January 15, 2011Sethanon.gif (file)14 KBQuentinGeorge (Sethanon, from Betrayal at Krondor)
07:05, January 15, 2011Malacros.gif (file)20 KBQuentinGeorge (Malac's Cross from Betrayal at Krondor)
07:01, January 15, 2011Silden.gif (file)13 KBQuentinGeorge (Silden, from Betrayal at Krondor)
06:57, January 15, 2011Armengar.gif (file)14 KBQuentinGeorge (Armengar from Betrayal at Krondor)
03:46, January 15, 2011Human FINAL.jpg (file)53 KBQuentinGeorge (Human Isleman from Midkemia Online)
03:46, January 15, 2011Troll FINAL.jpg (file)59 KBQuentinGeorge (Troll from Midkemia Online)
03:46, January 15, 2011Midkemia dwarf large.jpg (file)927 KBQuentinGeorge (Dwarf from Midkemia Online)

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