Sorcerer's Isle is a large island in the Bitter Sea.


Its first known inhabitants were from Queg who fled the Quegan revolt of Lord Vax. They named the island Insula Beata, or Blessed Isle, and founded the Villa Beata, a beautiful dwelling, but died out very isolated and having little resources.

When the persecution of magicians reached its height in the Kingdom, Macros the Black fled to the island and few travel to or from it since. When a intelligent and benevolent race of goblins perished long before humans came to the Bitter Sea, their survivors were brought to Sorcerer's Isle by Macros. His faithful servant, Gathis, was the last of this ancient people.

For reasons of his own, Macros told those who asked an elaborate story about the inhabitants of Villa Beata.

After the first Riftwar and Macros' disappearance, Pug returned to the island castle to claim the legacy of Macros, the numerous volumes, tomes, and parchments from his library, which became the heart of the Academy at Stardock's library. It was among these treasures that Pug discovered a complete and detailed map of the entire world of Midkemia.

In time, Pug took up residence in Villa Beata on Sorcerer's Isle and made it home to a new school and a base of operations for the Conclave of Shadows - those who oppose the evil of the Nameless One.


It is dominated by a high wall of cliffs. Atop the highest point of the island, a black menacing castle of four towers and stone walls that rises high against the sky. The castle sits atop a massive stone chimney, an up thrust finger of land, separated from the rest of the island by tidal action, which has cut a cleft as impassable as any moat. A drawbridge is the only passage across the cleft to the castle. The castle is the source of terrible arcs of energy, silver flashes that rise high into the sky, vanishing in the clouds, and accompanied by sizzling whines that hurt the ears. Blue light shines from a high tower window overlooking the ocean. Few know that these frightening displays are simply devices to scare of intruders into the privacy of the wizard's home. When Nakor was staying on the island he added some lightning bolts to scare people away.

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