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The Siege of Crydee

The Siege of Crydee was a conflict of the Riftwar, 4 years after the beginning of the war.


A year before the siege, the Tsurani performed a death raid and burned as much of Crydee as they could, but the guard managed to save the fishing village at the south end of the harbor. Many of the survivors traveled to Carse before the winter. The rest stayed beyond, living in crude huts set up inside the castle walls. Outside of the fishermen, who would stay behind to help keep up the food stores, many had plans to move out the following spring.


The Tsurani attacked only in night and only the western wall of the Castle, and all their waves were repelled. Eventually they jointly burned their dead.

The Tsurani never seemed to tire. Duke Borric speculated Crydee was being attacked by troops fresh from the Tsurani homeworld, as there had been no reports of any troop movements along his front.

Two nights after the start of the Siege, Swordmaster and Commander of the Garrison Fannon was wounded by an arrow and Arutha took his command. Martin Longbow and Garret left soon after to lead a moredhel band towards the Tsurani. Arutha also sent pigeons for reinforcements from Carse and Tulan. The night, the Tsurani crested the wall but soon they were repelled.

On the 12th day Martin returned. For a week no attacks came, as the Tsurani were cautious of the migrating moredhel, as Martin predicted. The next day the Tsurani again made a full attack, the seventh after the beginning of the siege.

Breach into the Castle[]

Carline defending the Castle

However, the attacks were a ruse. As the Tsurani were digging underground into the castle. They broke into the Castle cellar where the women were hiding.

Arutha, Charles and Squire Roland, who dug above the tunnel so that it collapsed, blocking it off with collapsed debris.


Eventually, back in Kelewan, the Blue Wheel party withdrew from the Alliance for War. As soon as the clans attacking Crydee who belonged to that party were informed this, they raised the siege. They left as aid from Tulan, Carse and Jonril was arriving.