Sho Pi is an Isalani male from a region within Kesh and former Monk of Dala. Since leaving the order, he wandered through Kesh and the Kingdom of the Isles to locate his "master" as the directed by his former teacher and High Priest of Dala.

Upon arriving in Krondor, he was arrested for killing a guard but later advises it was in self defense. Sharing cells with Erik von Darkmoor, Rupert Avery, Slippery Tom, Billy Goodwin, Biggo and Luis De Savona, he stood trial. Whilst the latter all receive sentencing of death by hanging, Sho Pi was sentenced to a work gang for 30 years.

While they were training he beat up Bobby de Loungville and in retaliation, orders him and the his companions to move a pile of rocks from the top down. On the trip to Novindus he started to teach the others about his arts and along with Nakor, taught those within the ship of performing Reiki; a self healing technique.

When Nakor Started the temple of Arch-Indar Sho Pi was his first disciple.

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