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The Shinzawai are a Tsurani family that belonged to the Clan Kanazawai and among the oldest and most influential families in the High Council.

Like the Acoma and the Anasati, the Shinzawai were counted second in rank only to the Five Great Families since they were the second most powerful house in their Clan after the Keda. Shinzawai estates were close to Silmani.

They chose not to be vicious players of the Game of the Council, and gained their position through skill and intelligence, with no blood feuds or debts in their way.

The previous and the current Clan's Warchief, came from the Shinzawai, a phenomenon that showed rare deftness in clan politics.

They were the only major family beside the Xacatecas not in alliance with the Warlord, the Minwanabi, or the Anasati.

The family joined with the Blue Wheel Party to blunt the influence of the Warlord Almecho.