Lord Sezu of the Acoma was a Tsurani noble, the son of Kasru and Damaki.


He married Oskiro and had two children, Lanokota and Mara. At the birth of Mara, she died.

Sezu did not like to concern himself with budget and accounts of the estate and preferred warfare and political intrigue.

He had established a political struggle with Tecuma of the Anasati.

When Mara became 16, she demanded to join the Order of Lashima, to which Sezu objected. They had a fight but nothing could stop her. The last time he saw her was leaving angry from his study.

Campaign in MidkemiaEdit

Soon after he joined the campaign of Midkemia around the second year. He took with him his son, Force Commander Keyoke and Papewaio along with a big part of his garrison.

The following spring, his forces were ordered out to stand against a possible assault by soldiers from Zūn and LaMut, who were already in the field earlier than expected. His runners were dispatched to the Warlord Almecho, camped in the valley in the Grey Towers.

The Warlord's Subcommander, Tasaio of the Minwanabi, was in charge during his absence. Tasaio gave the order for Sezu to attack the Midkemians and promised to support his right flank.


This attack was suicide but Sezu kept honor. The Minwanabi troops never materialized as promised but instead held their ground. Support for Sezu arrived from the valley, forces from Omechkel and Chimiriko who had no hint of the betrayal and fought bravely. Then the Minwanabi joined in the fight, as if to repulse the counterattack, as the barbarians retreated.

Sezu and Lanokota died in the attempt along with 2000 of their soldiers, but their officers survived. Their bodies were never found.


His hadonra, Sotamu followed him in grief by not eating until died. His daughter was recalled from the Order in order to inherit him as Ruling Lady. She buried his ceremonial sword in the sacred grove instead of his ashes.

Preceded By Position Succeeded By
Possibly Kasru Ruling Lord of House Acoma Mara


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