The Serpentwar is the invasion of the armies of the Emerald Queen against the Kingdom of the Isles. It is also known as the Second Riftwar.


The Emerald Queen, was a sorceress named Jorna, formerly the wife of both Macros the Black and Nakor and mother to Miranda. Jorna was consumed by a demon and the demon used her form to control the armies.

The Emerald Queen began amassing her army on the continent of Novindus. Novindus was broken into many city/state provinces, the Emerald Queen using an ever growing army would take over each individual city/state and enslave the population, massacre the local leader and assimilate all the military forces under her control.

Novindus' main military were mercenary companies hired to fight for regional leaders. The Emerald Queen called a meeting of all mercenary companies and at that meeting informed them, through her general Lord Fadawah, that all mercenary companies now belonged to her and would fight for her or die, without pay.

The Queen then led the final assault of Novindus on the port City/State of Maharta and finally captured the city and began building her fleet to sail across the ocean to the Kingdom of the Isles


The armies of the Emerald Queen invaded the Kingdom of the Isles with a full scale assault on Krondor, the western capital. Eventually the city of Krondor fell and the invasion of the western kingdom began. The Emerald Queen's armies pushed all the way to Darkmoor before being stopped.

The Pantathians, using the demon and it's armies were trying to get to and find the Lifestone in the ruined city of Sethanon so they could bring back their creator, Alma-Lodaka.

Conclusion of WarEdit

The war was finally ended with a titanic battle beneath Sethanon, where Calis removed Tomas' sword from the Lifestone and with the help of Pug, Miranda, Macros and Calis they finally vanquish the demon and with the demon gone the hold on the armies is released.

The armies, under General Fadawah decided to hold onto their territory and the forces under the Kingdom of the Isles go about regaining their lost ground.

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