Sar-Sargoth was a moredhel fortress city and the northern twin to Sar-Isbandia, later known as Armengar. The two are separated by the Plains of Isbandia. It is the ancient capital of the original Murmandamus.


The city was built by glamredhels, as was Armengar, long before they descended to barbarism. Both were made in imitation of the city of Draken-Korin, using sciences plundered from other worlds. [1]

The second Murmandamus gathered the clans of moredhels and their allies here before advancing towards Armengar and eventually, Sethanon.

The moredhels again united under the rule of Delekhan, and he used the city as his headquarters. During this time he imprisoned his rival, Gorath, in its dungeons. [2]


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