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Salador is a city in the of the Kingdom in the East.


Salador is the largest Kingdom city after Rillanon and the third most powerful duchy in the East. It is the most popular port to take to access the Western Realm and has a mixed population. [1]


A legend spoke of an alien man who appeared suddenly and inexplicably in Salador, which event was remembered around the Riftwar. Nothing is known about that man who spoke no known language, although the priests tried to determine his origins; this memory was the first inkling about the rifts. [2]

Duke Borric and his retinue stopped by Salador on their way to Rillanon, to warn the Kingdom of the impending war, and were hosted by Duke Kerus.

Later in the conflict, Duke Kerus was executed by King Rodric, on suspicion of treason, and was replaced by Lord Richard of Dolth. He was killed shortly and the dukedom was left lordless for a while. [3]

King Lyam awarded the dukedom to Princess Carline and Laurie of Tyr-Sog before they were married. The line became the "Du-Salador" line. [4]



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