Saaur is the name given to the nomadic warrior race of lizard-men from the world of Shila. They were created by the Alma-Lodaka in the time before the Chaos Wars along with their brother/sister race the Pantathians. They were forced to abandon their home world of Shila when it was overrun by demons from the Fifth Circle of Hell, they sought refuge on Midkemia being transported there by the Pantathians to fight in the Serpentwar. When betrayed by the Pantathians at the end of the war they were freed from their bond and were transported to the continent of Wiñet to the upper plateau of Ethel-Duath by the magician Pug.


The Saaur are by nature nomads. Though they have impressive cities, like their capital Cibul, they prefer to travel in bands. Even the army constantly moves around, preferring not to settle in one area.

Saaur birthed at the same time were usually placed together in a creche. These creche-mates often grew up together, becoming brothers-in-arms.

The largest empire on Shila is the Empire of the Grass. Before the demon invasion, there exists very few cities which are not part of the Empire.


At the height of their power, the Empire of the Grass boasted an army of seven million soldiers, divided into "Hordes" of one million soldiers. Six of these traveled in rotation throughout the Empire while one rested at any one time.

The army consists primarily of cavalry, complemented by footsoldiers and magic-wielding loremasters.

Trivia Edit

  • The Saaur are typically larger than ordinary humans. Their average height is between nine and ten feet in height. Their horses were also described as being a few hands larger than Midkemia's largest breed of horses.
  • Saaur appear to be loosely based on the historical Huns army. As most of their army were made up of cavalry and wielded bows, mounted spears, and two-handed cutting weapons.
  • Unlike their Pantathian brethren, the Saaur are warm-blooded. Their blood were described to be as red as humans' blood.
  • The Saaur believe that when they die, their spirits will join their ancestors in the Sky Horde. They do not worship the Emerald Lady of Serpents, as their Pantathian brethren does.
  • The demon invasion began at Ahsart, the City of Priests. When the armies of the Empire approached to conquer the city, a mad priest opened a gate into the Fifth Layer of Hell. Two or three generations later, the world-spanning empire was pushed back to its capital city, its army of seven million reduced to less than sixty thousand.

Known Saaur Edit

Chiga, Hanam, Jarwa, Jatuk, Kaba, Monis, Murtag, Myta, Shadu, Tasko

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