Ryath is one of the Great Golden Dragons of Midkemia and daughter of Rhuagh.

She answered Tomas's call when he and Pug set out to locate Macros the Black, more of out curiosity. When she heard that it was Tomas who sat the deathwatch with Rhuagh and she agreed to aid Tomas and Pug on their quest. She first took them to a dying world which was home to the Oracle of Aal. She again aided them when she flew them to the City Forever and to the Garden (an extension of the City Forever but not part of it) where she battled another dragon, an ancient black male whose kind had long since vanished from Midkemia. She became ensnared in the time trap with Pug, Tomas and Macros.

Once they escaped from the trap she flew all of them to the Hall of Worlds where Macros asked her to reveal the Forbidden Lore which she did after making Pug and Tomas swear never to reveal it to any one. Then she transformed into a beautiful woman and it was revealed that the Greater Dragons had magic and could come and go in human society at will unnoticed.

Once they had traversed the hall and returned to Midkemia she flew to Sethanon with Pug and the others and revealed that she would remain for the final battle as she like all other of her race knew the time of her death and would not seek to avoid her fate. During the ensuing battle while Tomas battled with Draken Korin, Ryath battled against a Dreadlord. Using all of her skill and prowess she defeated the Dreadlord but at the cost of her own life.

Legacy[edit | edit source]

Using a unique property of the Lifestone Macros was able to save Ryath's body, heal the wounds and damage done to her by replacing damaged scales with jewels from the Valheru treasure which was in the underground Chamber. Thus she was made the most beautiful creature in Midkemia but he could not save her mind which had already passed on. Ryath's living body became the host for the Oracle of Aal.

Out of respect for Ryath's sacrifice Pug took in her daughter Ryana when she came to her sentience and taught her about her powers and humanity.

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