The Ruling Lord or Lady of a Tsurani House is considered a law unto themselves on their lands. They are the nobility of Tsurani society and are treated, according to house rank with a greater degree of respect and honour.

In the presence of a Regent, the heir to a House acquires the title of the Ruling Lord/Lady in their own right once they reach 25 years of age.


On their own estates they are a law unto themselves and are able to dispense their will among their vassals, soldiers, slaves and family. They will broker the marriages of their children and will make bargains with other noble houses as they see fit. Each person belonging to a house will die at the command of the ruling lord/lady if they order it.


With the vast power afforded the ruling lords/ladies of Tsurannuani come a vast amount of responsibility. They are not only responsible for the economic upkeep of their holdings and leading their personal military forces, but also adhering to all cultural conventions and guiding their families spiritual conduct in Tsurani society. Their personal honour is tied to the actions of anyone in their household as well as themselves.


The ultimate driving force for any Ruling Lord/Lady regardless of their position is for their house to advance through the complicated political and social system and gain more honour in the process. Increased honour for their house will usually increase wealth, influence, and military security, all which are premiums in the treacherous Tsurani society.

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