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Rulf was a stableboy from Castle Crydee. He was a bully.

One Sixthday, while playing with a leather ball, Rulf was about to hit Tomas from behind when Pug ran onto the field and placed a foot before him; Rulf went down in a tangle of bodies, and Tomas broke free.

Rulf called Pug a sand squint; outraged Pug hit him in the nose and the two boys found themselves rolling in the ground. Rulf sat on Pug's chest hitting him, until Arutha came and lifted him away falling backward, to the laughter of the onlookers.

In later days, Tomas accused Rulf for stealing his sword (while it was Tomas' own fault). For revenge, Rulf saddled Tomas' horse in a bad way so that it would injure his legs, but Pug adjusted the saddle correctly.


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