Roldem is an island nation and an important ally of the Kingdom of the Isles. It lies east of Rillanon and south of Ran. Roldem is ruled by a king and every few years, a fencing competition known as the Master's Court takes place there.

When Kesh occupied Bosania, they also occupied Roldem. Roldem fought Kesh for five years before finally gaining independence. Since then, they have been closely tied to the Kingdom, but still remain independent. Lord Hazara-Khan said in Silverthorn, however, that Kesh still considered Roldem to be within their 'traditional sphere of influence'. Roldemish court is very formal. They are also very vain and look down upon marrying outside Roldem unless it is to another nation's noble. These marriages included that of Lyam I and Magda, Erland ConDoin and Genevieve, and Arutha Jamison to an unnamed Roldem princess.

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