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Squire Roland was the son of Baron Tolburt of Tulan. Roland's father had sent him to Crydee a year before the Pug and Tomas's Choosing, to learn the ways of management of the Duchy and the court.



Roland was roguelike and mischievous, but with sense of humor and ready wit. He had light brown hair and blue eyes. When he first came to Crydee, Tomas attempted to settle Roland's differences with another boy, only to be punched in the mouth by Roland, who was trained in boxing.

Pug fighting with Roland

He was infatuated with Princess Carline conDoin and was greatly dismayed when she showed an interest in Pug, after the apprentice magician saved her life from two trolls. The Princess called both of them in her garden where they ended in a brawl. Pug unconsciously cast a spell which caused Roland to strangle himself. Pug prevented this and then calmly discussed their differences. Soon they were laughing over the event.

That evening, Roland, Pug and Tomas over cups of beer, swore to be friends from then on.

During Riftwar[]

During the Riftwar, Roland helped Carline to overcome the loss of Pug and eventually became closer. He even trained her with the sword. Just after they kissed for the first time, during sparing practice, the Castle Crydee was attacked by Tsurani forces, and the Siege of Crydee began. With sudden command, he forced Carline to the cellar with the other ladies and assisted in the defense of the castle. During the later days, he maintained a guard in the eastern wall.

Alerted by Lewis, he notified Arutha that the Tsurani were digging tunnels under the Castle. He soon ran to the cellar where Carline was and found her trying to stop some of the Tsurani breaching the floor. He then entered the tunnel with soldiers and attacked them.

Roland was sent back to Tulan to prepare against a Tsurani invasion. When there, he rode out with soldiers to stop a group of Tsurani raiding a farm. He was killed by an arrow whilst saving a farmers cow.


Later, when Pug and Tomas were on their journey to find Macros the Black they stumbled across Roland in the halls of Lims-Kragma, waiting to be judged. After some unsuccessful attempts by Pug to talk to Roland, Pug shouted that Carline was well and happy. This broke through to Roland and the briefest of smiles flickered on his face.