Rodez is a city situated on the far east of the Kingdom.


Immediately following the Riftwar, it was ruled by Lord Miguel, who had 2 daughters, Miranda and Inez. Lord Miguel sought to see his daughters courted to Duke Martin of Crydee to give his family a claim to the throne, whereas Martin was willing to do so for political reasons to strengthen the conDoin allies. Martin married neither girls in the end.

The city is famous for producing the finest steel in the Kingdom. This is perhaps ironic as the Rodezians may be their own weapon-smiths' greatest customers. In Rodez when a man wrongs another man a duel is fought, but when a family wrongs another family they wage war. It may be a quiet war - one that lasts for generations but ultimately one family is destroyed.

Rodez has a modest wine industry and is most known for an exquisite fortified wine drunk widely throughout the Kingdom after dinner.

Rodez and Ran are towns akin to the Spanish. They speak Rodezian, which is the same, if not very similar to Spanish. An example of Rodezians is "Sí, me comandante", meaning "yes, my commander" in Rodezian.

Luis de Savona is a mercenary of Calis' Crimson Eagles and worked for Rupert Avery. He is a Rodezian cut-throat, who apparently knew the duke of Rodez' son.

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