Roald is a mercenary and Laurie's childhood friend.


Roald and Laurie's farms are next to each other. They were thrown out by their fathers and decided to walked to Tyr-Sog, spending a year living in the street. Later he joined as cook's monkey in a mercenary band before becoming a soldier, while Laurie joined a group of musicians.

During the Riftwar he served as mercenary to the Yabonese Free Levies, fighting against bandits and renegades and done marine duty hunting pirates for seven years. He held the Cutter's Gap for three days together with less than thirty men against two hundred goblins before they were rescued by the Lord Brian, Baron of Highcastle. After this, he became a caravan guard.

He met Laurie and Prince Arutha in Ylith. Arutha persuaded him to join in their journey to Elvandar, promising him a hundred golden sovereigns.

After they saved Princess Anita from the poison of silverthorn, Roald was rewarded his hundred sovereigns with a bonus, and an offer to join the Prince's Household Guard as a captain. He declined, preferring to settle down. He guested for a year in Krondor.

He joined Arutha's assault of the Nighthawks' new lair, but many escaped. Again they went to the Northlands and discovered Armengar and its Protector, Guy du Bas-Tyra. After learning of Murmandamus' plan to siege Armengar, Laurie, Baru, Martin Longbow and himself set out to get reinforcement from the dwarves, and to Duke Vandros.

As they fought their way through, a rockslide hit Roald, fracturing his legs. Laurie wanted to stay, but Roald told him to leave. He always wished to be a hero and hoped Laurie will composed a great song for him. He died holding off the moredhel.


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