Great Ones of the Assembly pull Kulgan through a rift

Rifts are magical doorways that are used for travel over great distances, between worlds or even between realms. Rifts always travel in pairs when one is created the next one to it will travel to the same place.

They can be created (with difficulty) by proficient users of the Greater Path Magic, but the Tsurani maintained one using a machine. They are sometimes created by accident and fluke. Most rifts are unstable, and so move about in space. The Tsurani's machine was one of the first known devices to stabilize a rift and to make it fixed in one position. Rifts, whilst a powerful device for traveling, are a risky device as they attract the attention of the Enemy, an evil being of immense power.

Before the Tsurani invasion of Midkemia it was thought by magicians on Midkemia that Rifts where wild uncontrollable things brought about when a spell went terribly wrong and that they where extremely dangerous.

During Kaspar's exile on Novindus he encounters some strange creatures and also 'wrong' armour. After his visit to the Pavillion of the Gods he learns that these creatures are coming from magnet driven rifts. The magnets being the 'wrong' armour, which is known as Talnoy who come from Kosridi, a dark planet on a separate plane of reality.

After his studies on Kelewan at the Assembly and reading through Macros's library Pug knew more about Rifts than any other magician.

Examples of Rifts:[edit | edit source]

Throughout the rest of Midkemia's history various other rifts have appeared that are different from the norm.

  • Standard Rift like those used for travel between Kelewan and Midkemia. These where operated by machinery.
  • Nakor has a rift in the bottom of his rucksack which leads to a variety of places such as a cave where he keeps things he might need like the Codex of Wodar Hospur and one that opens into a fruit merchants warehouse in Kesh where he gets his constant supply or oranges from. His rifts are controllable and small which are undetectable to the Enemy (possibly due to their size). Though he is unsure if referring to them as rifts is adequate but he suggests them as foldings in space. These "rifts" are placed in the lining of his travel bag allowing access to a cave.
  • At the end of the Serpentwar, Pug, Nakor, Tomas and Miranda encountered a rift that is connected to Nalar. They fight Zaltais who is a being from Nalar's thoughts and force him into the rift.
  • Sidi created a deathrift as a means of escape. He created is using Necromancy and it was a Rift so delicate and small that not even Pug thought he would be able to fashion one like it.
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