Ralan Bek is a human who, like Nakor, is also the container for part of a God. This God happens to be from the world of the Dasati. The Dasati God of War, who takes joy in harming people and doing evil things. When Ralan Bek meets Nakor, Nakor calms the part of the God within him to better control his urges. Nakor and Tomas meet Ralan Bek at the cave housing the Talnoy. He and Tomas have a quick fight and, with the help of the God within him, he is almost a match for Tomas. The first human ever to push Tomas into actually putting effort into his attacks.

When Pug, Magnus, Nakor and Ralan bek go to the Dasati homeword, what lies inside Ralan is finally revealed and is the first of the real Dasati gods to return.

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