Prince of Krondor is the title given to the ruler of the Western Realm. He is the second most powerful man in the Kingdom of the Isles, and the single most powerful man in the West.

The office is given to the Heir to the throne, from the royal house of conDoin. Krondor’s banner is an eagle flying above a mountain peak, silver upon the royal purple. Only the King of the Isles and the Prince of Krondor are allowed the royal color of purple.

He rules from the city of Krondor, assisted by the Duke of Krondor as his Chancellor of Principality and Knight-Marshal of Krondor, and the Lord-Admiral of Krondorian fleet. His household guards are named Royal Krondorian Lancers. (Lancers are cavalry units, which aren't much good inside his house. Someone needs to find out what is actually guarding the Prince) additionally The Prince's Royal Household Guard are responsible for the security and protection of the Prince and his family and also the Palace of Krondor.

Traditionally, only the Prince, as the King's Lord-Marshal in the West, can call the Armies of the West. He is the only man besides the King who may command Knight-Generals. Should he call, every Duke from Malac's Cross to Crydee would respond, with their garrisons and levies. However shortly before the Riftwar King Rodric IV, to prevent a civil war, decided that none may gather the armies without his authority.

For over a century custom had provided that the palace of the Prince of Krondor contain a temple with a shrine to each of the gods, so that whoever was a guest, no matter which of the major deities he worshipped, would find a place of spiritual comfort close by. The order seeing to the temple’s care would change from time to time as different advisers to the Prince came and went.

Known Princes of KrondorEdit

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