Patrick was monarch of the Kingdom of the Isles in the period between the Serpentwar and the Darkwar. He suceeded his father, Borric II.

Patrick conDoin was the son of King Borric II. He is featured most prominently in Shards of a Broken Crown. He is presented as a young noble with a short temper throughout the book. He marries Francine of Silden and has two sons.


Early Life Edit

Little is known of Patrick's early life, however it is mentioned he was disliked by James and Dashel Jamison for his mood swings.

Prince of Krondor Edit

Patrick's father, Borric, is initially skeptical and unwilling to put Patrick as Prince of Krondor, due to his short temper. He puts Nicolas ConDoin, his uncle, in his place until Nicolas returns to sea as an admiral. When he ascends the throne there, preparations are in place for the upcoming invasion by the Emerald Queen.

Serpent War Edit

When the Emerald Queens forces attack Krondor, Patrick and most of his court retreat to Darkmoor. Following the push of the invading forces, he attempts to gain total control of the land lost. When Duke Duko wants to make a peace treaty in return for him becoming Duke of the Southern Marches, Patrick is enraged and refuses to comply with any such treaty. Patrick is later convinced by his advisors that it would benefit to have someone watch the southern flank. When he gets control of Krondor again, spies from Great Kesh poison him and a majority of the ruling nobles. Patrick however survives and the Keshian forces are repulsed.

In an attempt to make a peace treaty between the two sides, Pug states he will attack any Keshian soldier crossing the border into the Kingdom of the Isles. Patrick is excited at this, however, Pug states he is a neutral party and will also attack any Kingdom soldier crossing the Keshian border. In doing so Pug publicly humiliates Patrick and thus Pug disavows any ties to the Kingdom and his surname ConDoin.

Later in Life Edit

After Patrick's rocky leadership during the Serpent War and the struggles of restoring the Western Realm to its former glory, his short time as King was largely uneventful before his death.

Preceded By Position Succeeded By
Borric II King of the Kingdom of the Isles Ryan

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