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Otto von Darkmoor was the Baron of Darkmoor before the Serpentwars. He was married to Mathilda von Darkmoor, the Duke of Ran's daughter. He had two sons with her, Stefan von Darkmoor and Manfred von Darkmoor and a bastard son, Erik von Darkmoor.


When he was young, he met Freida, a young girl in the village of Ravensburg in Darkmoor. He made love to her and one month later, married her hastily. However, King Lyam overrode the marriage and made him marry Mathilda in a state marriage.

However, Freida bore him a son, and for the rest of his life, she attempted to have her son's legitimacy claim from him. He never denied the claim, therefore, he was allowed use the von Darkmoor surname.

He grew sick and ailing. Before dying, he sent Owen Greylock to Erik bearing his message, that Erik should leave the barony to seek his fortune elsewhere as he is in danger from his brother Stefan and his mother. He is succeeded by Stefan, who is shortly murdered.

Though it is not confirmed, it is suggested Otto may have many more illegitimate children, as he "had a taste for pretty girls".