The Oracle of Aal

The Oracle of Aal was the last surviving female of the race of the Aal. Though that is merely a convenient label. It was found that she could survive by inhabiting the mind of another and it was judged a necessary evil in order to preserve the  power of the Aal in this way. She has the gift of foresight and reads the future for those willing to pay her price which could be anything from a bauble to play with or the still beating heart from your chest.

When Pug and Tomas started their search for Macros they visited the Oracle first and struck a bargain to save her from the dying world on which she resided. They moved her and her attenders to the vault at Sethanon where they where Macros using a property of the Lifestone to place her mind into the body of Ryath who mind was gone at the hands of a Dreadlord. In the 100 years since she has come to Midkemia she has greatly aided Pug and the Conclave of Shadows in their fight against the agents of the Nameless One.

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