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Novindus is a continent to the West of Triagia. Its existence was unknown to the Kingdom of the Isles until nobles of Crydee found a map of Midkemia in a room left for them by Macros. They eventually visited the continent during the Serpentwar.

Unlike Triagia, which is made up of Kingdoms with standing armies, Novindus features city-states with mercenaries working as hire-able armies.


Novindus consists of city-states which are spread out across the continent. The lands between are held by no one. There are few standing armies. Mercenary bands are normally hired to protect cargoes as they are shipped between cities. Its culture is similar to ancient India and ancient Africa of Earth.

Humans are the predominant race on Novindus. Elves, known as the "long-lived", are known as Jeshandi, and are a tribal people of the Great Steppes. The Great South forest is home to Tiger men. The Ratn'gary mountains are home to Pantathian serpent men. The Western Plains of Djams and foothills of the Ratn'gary mountains are home to the Gilani, dwarves.

The Pantathians, servants of the Valheru Alma-Lodaka, believed they could return their creator through the use of the Lifestone, which led to the Great Uprising and the events of the Serpentwar. The tiger men were servants of the Valheru Draken-Korin and live in the great south forest.


The cities of Novindus are essentially self-governed city states.

The Westlands:

  • Sulth
  • Irabek
  • Point Punt

The Riverlands:

The Eastlands: