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Nogamu was a Tsurani.


He was the hadonra of his father's estates until his family was found guilty of plotting against the Tsuranuanni Empire; his own clan hanged them all but Nogamu with others were sold into slavery.

He was never a good slave but the lord of the Shinzawai thought that giving him responsibility for the camp as a slave Master, might make him useful and became the overseer of Pug, Laurie and Toffston, who, along with other Midkemians would call him Bear.

He was hot-tempered and did not like to dirt himself. All difficulties such as rotten trees and deaths, he considered the slaves' fault. When in bad mood and upset he would treat the slaves badly with reduced food or more work hours.

While watched by lord Hokanu, Nogamu insisted on cutting a rotted ngaggi tree and during the cutting, Pug fell and almost drowned in the swamp trapped under a branch. Nogamu called the other slaves to resume work and leave Pug; Laurie objected and Nogamu hit him twice.

Lord Hokanu who was with them however, acknowledging all this was Nogamu's mistake, ordered Pug to be freed and cared for, and Laurie too, since his injury from the slaps would cause infections. Nogamu ashamed, asked for permission to kill himself, but his Lord did not give this honor.

The same night, Nogamu attempted to kill Pug with a knife and managed two injuries on him. Laurie ran to help Pug and ended up with the knife stabbed on the overseer's chest. He was however happy that he would die by the blade.

Lord Hokanu who witnessed all this however, ordered the guards to hang him and let his corpse be eaten by the insects, stripped of all honors.