Prince Nicholas conDoin, also Admiral Nicholas, is the youngest son of Arutha and brother to the King Borric and regent Erland.

Early LifeEdit

As a child, he had a deformed foot. This made him resent his disability, so he swore to himself to go where all the other children could. His brothers, and others, often teased him about it. His father Arutha was a protective figure and his mother Anita was a caring person. The result was a cautious child, which Arutha worried about being a leader one day.

The King's BuccaneerEdit

Arutha sent Nicholas to his uncle Martin Longbow in Crydee to break his over-cautious nature. He created a rivalry with his cousin Marcus over a girl. However, while hunting with his cousins, Crydee was sacked. He beseeched Pug for help. Pug aided him by mending his deformed foot. He then sailed to Novindus to rescue the Kingdom citizens from their abductors. He uncovered a plot by the Pantathians, and freed the enslaved citizens, and sailed home.


After Arutha's death, Nicholas became Prince of Krondor until Prince Partick was of the right age to rule. He observed Erik von Darkmoor and Rupert Avery's trials and sentenced them to death. However, this was revealed to be a fake execution. Several years later, when Calis' Crimson Eagles had to escape Maharta, he sailed a ship out to meet them while Krondor was watched over by King Borric and Prince Erland.

During the Invasion of the Emerald Queen, Nicholas was struck in the stomach by a arrow and died at sea. He had no children.

Preceded By Position Succeeded By
Arutha conDoin Prince of Krondor Patrick conDoin
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