Nathan is a priest of Sung, Goddess of One Path. He is Prince Arutha's spiritual adviser.

He looked like a wrestler now going to fat. Under that soft appearance strength still waited.


When Arutha captured two agents of the Nighthawks, he conjured an incantation, holding any spirit, demon or being away, and held time itself.

When one of them reveals himself to be a moredhel and that he resurrected from the dead to get Arutha, Nathan was fetched by Jimmy the Hand to oppose the creature. He chanted, causing to creature to burst into flames, before he fainted.When he recovered, he explained that the creature contains something very evil and feels contempt to the gods.

He looked after Princess Anita when she was poisoned with Silverthorn. He again performed his incantation, this time with the help of Pug, to give Arutha time to travel to the Abbey at Sarth.


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